Do you remember
Jimmy White's Band

...a popular dance band in the M/C U.K. area from 1946 until 1960? Did you dance at the Ritz, the Plaza, Altringham Assembly rooms, the Floral Hall Southport, the Alhambra just to mention a few of the places where the band had regular engagements? He also did private functions such as the American base in Burtonwood and Cheshire! In June 1953 he played at the Middleton Coronation gala at the town hall.

    Jimmy White also played with Gerry Dawson at the Broughton Assembly rooms, Fred Johnson at the Warrington Co-op and Harry Jarmen. Jimmy played cornet with Besses'0'th barn in Prestwhich. In 1946 he played "Golden Earrings" from Mather and Platt on the BBC Workers Playtime and in 1947 he played "Nature Boy" on the same show.

    The drummer for the band was Alec Smith (I heard he moved to S.Africa), the pianist was Alan Locket as well as singers Ronny Rider and Edna Savage. The band did lots of private gigs such as weddings, anniversaries etc. I believe there were one or two recordings of the band and would greatly appreciate any information of their whereabouts, or copies of any photos.

    Jimmy White was in the Royal Engineers in WW2 and played Trumpet with the 10th core army band in the middle east. Jimmy was taught to play Guitar by his grandfather, a local M/C musician, but Jimmy preferred the trumpet. His first trumpet came with money saved from a newspaper round when he was 12. His Mother couldn't stand the sound of the never ending scales so he practised on the top of the the bluffs in Prestwhich. He also played bugle with the 112th Boy Scout band, Cheetham Hill.

    Jimmy's two uncles played with Geraldo and Jack Hilton - both well known big London bands. They were part of the pit orchestras for most of the big London shows in the twenty's and thirty's, including at the Palladium. It was from them that Jimmy got the love of music and encouragement, they used to take him with them to the shows and occasionally he was allowed to sit in with the brass section.

    I'm looking for information from anyone who remembers this band or Jimmy White or better still anyone who has a recording or photos of Jimmy or the band.

Please have a look at the following photos by following Jimmy's trumpet.